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Coronavirus Testing & Protocol Tracking for Groups

Create custom protocols for your group that include vaccine reviews, test results, health surveys, and more.

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3 Elements Required to Reduce the Chance of an Outbreak at Work


Reduce chance of outbreak

OSHA and medical experts agree that evidence-based testing, symptom tracking, and people tracing programs can reduce the chance of a workplace outbreak.*

Here’s How It Works


Collect Health Indicators

Test Results

Daily Symptom Check-in

Vaccine Confirmation


Issue Daily Go / Do Not Go Work Pass


Follow protocol for next test & quarantine recommendation

Test Type, Date & Location

Time in Quarantine

Possible Contact


HR Dashboard

Make data driven people & operations decisions


Testing Programs and Verified Results

Set up initial and ongoing testing programs at worksites or at home to screen for coronavirus and antibodies. Employees receive results and specific instructions for what to do next. Medical providers are available for after-test care at no additional cost.


Daily Symptom Check-in and Pass Status

Require employees and visitors to self-report symptoms or events that may have put them at risk of infection before coming to a worksite. Check-in answers and test results generate a “day-pass” to indicate whether or not employees should work onsite that day.


Protocol Management

Vaheala integrates the latest guidance from government regulators and health care professionals with employee health indicators to match employees with physician approved protocols. Protocols provide instruction on when to get tested next and guidance for how long to stay in quarantine if required.


Employer Dashboard

Employers have visibility into who has checked-in and available for on-site work. Employee health data is never revealed.


Reimbursement and Costs

Most testing is reimbursable by insurance companies. We provide the data you need to submit for reimbursement. Set up a call to discuss pricing at your company.


Simple and Secure Set Up

Set up your testing and tracking program in less than two days with our HIPAA compliant platform and processes.

People Are At Their Best When They Feel Safe

Keep your employees healthy and reduce risk for your company.

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Verified Test Results

Get verified test results from one of our lab partners or have employees upload their existing results to Vaheala's secure and HIPAA compliant platform.

Test Availability

Tests approved or authorized for use by the FDA.


Protocols developed and continually updated in accordance with key regulations and guidance.